Deep dark forests where whispers pervaded
And darkness reigned cold, majestic and supreme
Into my void.

Kings and Queens died replaced by Demons’ rules.
They bathed in rivers of warm ebony blood
Taking swings at the moon with sharp blades of Hate and Rage.

I fell hard from Heaven here, dropped to my knees, screaming:
Save my heart please!
But Gods have ignored me. Life twisted my past.
And blurry are my memories, dark is my soul now.
Taking my life back.
This is all I asked.

While I heard the echo of my own prayers
I spinned my illusions spitting blood on the ground.
True love never binding. It can not be found.

Then a kiss stained my lips. Dreams they just haunt me.
Without love there is no life
But Lies already stole my heart and killed me.

I am dead already from the inside
Been cut by my past loves knives.

And a day of April she found me.
Shove a dagger into my soul
Drowning into my darkness, dancing death all alone
Telling me the stories of wrath and joy.
Breathing my air,
Killing my Loneliness
Waiting in my darkenss
aching, bleeding, loving, deceiving.
And once again I fly!

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